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You got a nice ass litter homie..If i aint had so much on my site i would throw them joints up there. But yo you shouldn't have no problem getting them gone, because of there markings and damn near the whole litter is marked up like my Space Ghost on my sires page..Who were Ice and Coco's parents?

When can we set up Cover photo shoot in L.A. or N.Y. for your dogs and Ice T & his wife Co Co? Let me know.

G, What did the guys at Atomic Dog Magazine decide about me & Ice's cover shoot with Your dogs?


"ICE" looks real flashy
we hope you are pleased with him

Puppy's are beautiful!!!! Bet you haven't had any problems finding homes for them!

FROM: MY BREEDER: Karen Bamablues

YOUR DOGS ARE VERY, VERY NICE. I LOVE THE WAY YOU'RE MARKETING THEM. THE PICS MAKE THEM LOOK LIKE STARS!! Your dogs are the only non-solid color dogs I've seen and liked. GOOD JOB.


All I can say is...WOW! I LOVE THOSE PIT BULLS! Can you put me on your list for a few years down the road? I can't get one until a few years pass and I WANT ONE SOOOO BAD! I have a is breeding the best Pit Bulls on the planet! For beauty and grace; temperament and love. Please put me on your waiting list!

FROM: Christina

Hello.I am very interested in this pup. I took a look at your website and also the other listings that you have on this sight. Very impressed with the beauty of your Sire and Dam. Please contact me back. Thank you for your time.
FROM: Amanda
I wanted to know if you had anymore pictures. I'm very interested this dog is beautiful!! Do you have any females?? If you can please contact me..THANKS


"ICE" is def. 1 of a kind, he looks better in person.

Hey, Damn i like your website and i respect all that your doing career wise!, I would love to see my pups in a magazine one day and im glad you treat your dogs like the stars they are.

Yo G my dog loves Judaah, thats her name. my dog name is Zion. she slept with him in his bed last night. THANX!!!

Ur litter looks good.. A lot of em look just like the male i kept his name is BIGGIE too.

I met the ceo of the company at my has to be the strangest story because i was helping him look for a big lunch bag.=). he then told me the use of the bag after some soft inquiries to find out he size that he needed. and he gave me one of the most professional flyers (due to his background in photography. the puppies spoke for themselves since i was in the market at the exact time for a blue pit bull male and was going to go all the way to ohio from new jersey to pick up one that did not meet the standard of his and that even cost more money.It was from God that i ws blessed to meet G and i have had a dog passion since i was a child but due to humble living conditions was never able to keep one. Now i am on my way to starting my own business of thoroughest bred bullies. hmtbtb,com. Thanks G!!!!!

i was in the market for a puppy to begin a side business for myself.and when you are trying to build a business only the best will do.f i am a slight bit successful it will be because of God putting G in my life.

The puppy experience was excellent. The dam was the best mother not aggressive to me because i was around her babies. she was so caring. i actually fell in love with her. and when i seen ali looked just like her with his little patch i was convinced. i made a deposit that day and paid the rest off that week. It was no need to look any further.!!!!Thank Allah. and Thank G!!!! for screening me and allowing me to take one of his pride and joys. You shouldve seen him and the rest of the puppies and the parents when i took Ali. But he has been nothing but a JOY to everyone he meets!!!!!Excellent temperament!